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Anti-Muslim Message: Government Filings and Oklahoma Panhandle

anti-muslim message: Details of the alleged plot emerged in government filings in advance of an upcoming detention hearing Wednesday for Gavin Wright, according to Metro News. His attorney has argued that Wright was unaware his co-defendants intended to actually carry out the attack, portraying him as a lonely man desperate to find friends after moving to Liberal, a city along southwestern Kansas' border with the Oklahoma Panhandle. Three men accused of conspiring to bomb a Kansas mosque and an apartment complex housing Somali refugees also allegedly discussed killing the refugees' white landlord because he rented to Muslims, a move prosecutors say was meant to ensure the attack fully conveyed their anti-Muslim message. But prosecutors countered Wednesday with court filings that include transcripts of profanity-laced recordings that paint a more damning picture of Wright and a splinter group of the militia Kansas Security Force that came to be known as the Crusaders based on the name Crusaders 2.0 that they gave to themselves on a phone messaging app. They allege that he manufactured and tested the homemade explosives and hosted group meetings at his business, G&G Mobile Home Center, where authorities later found explosives. Prosecutors say the defence mischaracterizes the danger Wright presents if freed before trial. ( As reported in the news.