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History Sunday: Fides Offer and Non-Caucasian Leader

history sunday: In fact, it's probably why New Democrat members flocked to make the 38-year-old Singh their new federal leader, according to CTV. Singh, a turbaned Sikh, made history Sunday when he became the first non-Caucasian leader of a federal political party - a sign, perhaps, of how serious the NDP is about sweeping away its past disappointments and leadership woes and giving Trudeau a real fight. Sound familiar If Jagmeet Singh's bona fides offer an echo of Justin Trudeau's at-times-unlikely journey to the top job in Canadian politics, that's no coincidence. He's got a bit of the 'I know how to catch attention' flavour that we have to say is going to help us, said Craig Scott, one of a number of prominent former NDP MPs who got blown out in the 2015 bloodletting that swept Trudeau's Liberals into power. That makes a difference. We have somebody who had literally has fought their way, made their own name, has not received their celebrity as a matter of royal endowment. ( As reported in the news.