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Anti-Immigration Rally: Immigration Policies and Confederation Square

anti-immigration rally: News of the contentious rally made headlines earlier this week when Peterborough Mayor Daryl Bennett said the city was unable to deny a permit for the non-violent rally against immigration policies and the Trudeau government, according to CBC. Hundreds protest against planned anti-immigration rally The event was organized by a group calling itself the Canadian Nationalist Front described on its website as a nationalist organization that would like to see the return to Canada's original predominantly white-European and Native Aboriginal ethnic make up. Upwards of 500 people descended on Confederation Square to voice their discontent for the event, which had originally been slated to take place at the public park. Earlier this week, the group's chairman, Kevin Goudreau, told CBC/Radio-Canada he expected around 20 people to attend the anti-immigration rally. Organizer a no-show Goudreau himself did not attend on Saturday, tweeting he could not do so in good conscience and consideration for people's safety. But a day before the event was set to take place, the city confirmed it would not issue a permit for the rally to take place on its property, saying organizers hadn't filled out the necessary paperwork in time. ( As reported in the news.