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World: Canadian Government and Trudeau

world: With hundreds of thousands of lives at stake, this quickly evolving crisis requires condemnation and involvement from the highest levels of the Canadian government, according to Rabble. Although Trudeau has expressed deep concerns to Myanmar's State Consular, Aung San Suu Kyi, about the ongoing violence, he can and must go several steps further. Canada must amplify its voice as much as possible to rally the world in ending this crisis, widely viewed as an organized ethnic cleansing. Trudeau needs to explicitly condemn the Myanmese military for organizing this ethnic cleansing. Instead of a written statement merely expressing concern, Trudeau should condemn Myanmar's military on camera, in both French and English, ensuring his message goes around the world. Since Myanmar's 2012 constitution makes the military, not San Suu Kyi, responsible for national security and gives them a veto over constitutional amendments, solely targeting San Suu Kyi lets Myanmar's military, who are the real perpetrators of this violence, off the hook. ( As reported in the news.