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canada: Such demonstrations have occurred with alarmingly regularity in public spaces not only in the United States, but increasingly in Canada, according to National Observer. Groups by the names of Pegida, the Soldiers of Odin, the Proud Boys, the III% Canada, and Le Meute may diverge in their particular obsessions with Muslims, Jews, refugees, or white nationalism, but they live among us, and demonstrate their hatred in plain sight. Was it a well-orchestrated but fleeting moment for 500 bad apples Or was it an alarm sounding, waking us up to the real organizational capacity of their call to 'unite the right 'Are Canadians shielded from the impact of this frightening activity Whether we call such groups white supremacist, nationalist, the alt-right, the new fascism, or just plain racists, Charlottesville may have been the largest of their gatherings, but it was not the first. Extremist groups are learning While abundant police resources are allocated to apprehend and arrest terrorist groups who are conflated with an insurgent form of Islam, virtually no resources are allocated to stop white terrorists specifically. Charlottesville produced a good deal of speculation about why such groups appeal to mostly but not exclusively young men. This is despite the fact that, as social scientists Barbara Perry and Ryan Scrivener have shown, white terrorist groups are responsible for more than 10 times the number of murders, arson, and violent assaults over the past thirty years. ( As reported in the news.