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Wednesday Afternoon: Cbc News and Mannan Hamrasho

wednesday afternoon: Mannan Hamrasho scrapes hateful graffiti off his fence, according to CBC. CBC The newcomer from Syria, who can't speak English, spent Wednesday afternoon scraping the graffiti off of the fence around his Dufferin Avenue home and later received a visit from James Favel, executive director of Bear Clan Patrol Inc., who lives just around the corner. Mannan Hamrasho told CBC News he and his family found the graffiti including the phrases Go back to your country and Leave Canada written in red ink on their fence Tuesday morning. Lawn signs with welcoming message pop up around Winnipeg Favel says he wanted to make sure the family knows the hateful words don't reflect how the community feels about newcomers. The small-minded person who did that ugly writing on their fence is not representative of the community at large and I wanted them to know that they're supported. I wanted to let them know that they were supported here and that nobody wants them gone, said Favel. ( As reported in the news.