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Lawn I: Multicultural Society and Immigrant Family

lawn i: As the signs started popping up on lawns across the city, de Groot who grew up in an immigrant family and recently moved to Winnipeg after spending nine years in Haiti is hopeful the gesture will help Winnipeggers embrace diversity and make newcomers to the city feel a little more welcome, according to CBC. If you put the signs on your lawn I think it opens up the possibility for a conversation with somebody who is maybe more scared or maybe who doesn't know about the ... challenges that people have in the countries that they're leaving and the benefits that there are for Canadians when we have a multicultural society, said de Groot. Esther de Groot is selling lawn signs with the words No matter where you are from, we're glad you're our neighbour printed in three different languages as a fundraiser. I just think if we didn't have this diversity, this would be a very different and a very boring place. The idea has since spread around the world, according to the website where de Groot was able to download her own version of the signs to print off here in Winnipeg. Signs started in U.S., since spread around the world The idea for the signs came out of a church in Harrisonburg, Va., which set up the signs in August 2015 to share a positive message in the midst of a national dialogue they felt was negative about immigrants. ( As reported in the news.