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Los Angeles: Moises Rodriguez and Travel Ban

los angeles: Moises Rodriguez, a 28-year-old disc jockey from Mexico, said he agrees with the message and supports Trump's tough stance on illegal immigration, according to Toronto Star. Read the latest news on U.S. President Donald Trump However, 21-year-old college student Kevin Alvarado, who is from Nicaragua, said the remarks don't mesh with Trump's previous comments on immigration. Some of the 4,000 people at a ceremony in Los Angeles embraced the message of unity, while others said the words felt insincere coming from the man who has ordered a travel ban and cast Mexican immigrants in a negative light. Article Continued Below Such messages are a key part of naturalization ceremonies. In the message, Trump welcomes citizens and tells them they should teach American values to others and help newcomers assimilate to our way of life. react-empty 158 Our history is now your history. Former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush also produced video messages for use during the events. react-text 148 In a Los Angeles ceremony on Wednesday new American citizens heard a newly recorded message from U.S. President Donald Trump welcoming them to the country and urging them to help others assimilate to help keep the country safe, strong and free. /react-text Jae C. Hong / AP The tone and message of Trump's talk were highly anticipated given his aggressive stance on immigration that has included travel bans from Muslim-majority countries, ending a program shielding nearly 800,000 young immigrants from deportation, and comments referring to Mexican immigrants as rapists. ( As reported in the news.