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Immigration Consultants: Representative Plaintiffs and Worker Program

immigration consultants: Shortly after arriving in Canada, each of the representative plaintiffs learned that there was no job for them at Mac's, Justice Arne Silverman wrote in his reasons for certifying the suit, according to CBC. A disturbing case' Under Canada's temporary foreign worker program, immigration consultants are not permitted to charge fees for job placement and any recruitment costs must be paid by the employer. The four workers named in the suit allege they paid as much as 8,500 each in illegal fees to Surrey-based immigration consultant firms to obtain jobs as temporary foreign workers in Western Canada, according to court documents. The workers allege that as many as 450 people mainly from Nepal and the Philippines had similar experiences when they were recruited by consultants in Dubai. Carmela Allevato is one of the lawyers representing the workers. This is a disturbing case of how low income workers spent their life savings to try to find a better life in Canada through a job at Mac's Convenience Stores but instead found they had lost their money and most had no employment, lawyer Carmela Allevato said in a news release. ( As reported in the news.