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Cannabis Prohibition: Cannabis and Tube Channel

cannabis prohibition: This change brings a new wave of curious enthusiasts all looking to increase their cannabis cultivation skills to grow their own plants via educational and entertaining online videos, according to NOW Magazine. Enter Growing Exposed, the You Tube channel for all fans from veterans to newcomers. ByCannabis Now Sponsor Published on May 5, 2020 Share Tweet Gone are the Reefer Madness days of cannabis prohibition and fearmongering, replaced instead with a more positive public who enjoys their weed and supports legalization. Each unique episode opens up the once underground world of weed, revealing industry insights and an unrestricted view inside the world of cannabis. In addition to producing the series, LG Digital Inc has found a niche in the cannabis sector, creating content and branding projects for several other companies within the cannabis industry such as Method Seven, Green Planet Nutrients and Sugarleaf to name a few. Growing Exposed is the brainchild of Jeremy Deichen, an experienced content creator working under the digital marketing company LG Digital Inc. ( As reported in the news.