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Swearing-in Ceremony: Ministers and Cabinet

swearing-in ceremony: That's just one of the details about the prime minister's new cabinet that are starting to become clear after Wednesday's swearing-in ceremony, which left onlookers wondering what exactly some ministers will be doing, according to CTV. More details will emerge when Trudeau eventually releases the mandate letters he's written to each of his 36 ministers. They'll be handled by Dominic LeBlanc, who sits in cabinet as president of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada. But some additional information about the structure of cabinet and the roles of various ministers is already starting to dribble out. A new Parliament begins soon Sign up for our Capital Dispatch newsletter Traditionally, various regional ministers have been assigned responsibility for each of the six agencies across the country. For instance, it's now clear that the prime minister has bowed to pressure to ensure closer political involvement in the operation of regional development agencies -- although not quite in the way many Liberals had hoped. ( As reported in the news.