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European Jokes and I Ek

ek: Horvat's first book, What Does Europe Want The Union and Its Discontents was co-authored with i ek, according to Rabble. He has since modelled his writing style after i ek's, and Poetry from the Future is no exception. Horvat's claims to radical novelty are ironic, however, since his work seems to be a poor imitation of the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj i ek. It makes constant cinematic allusions; it relies heavily on jokes, Eastern European jokes in particular, purposefully catered to a Western audience; it invokes random encounters from his travels; and it unimaginatively uses the same old i ekian-inspired jargon to talk about the real, the imaginary and any adjacent theories of insurrections that have for so long been regurgitated by leftist theorists. Their ideas formed what is loosely known, nowadays, as the field of critical theory. The Frankfurt School philosophers, gathered at the Institute of Social Research in the interwar period, included Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer and Walter Benjamin. ( As reported in the news.