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Support: Opposition Parties and Bloc Quebecois

support: Prime Minister Trudeau has a choice, he can work with Conservatives who perhaps he can find a way to move forward with Conservatives, or he can seek our support, said Singh, according to CTV. A new Parliament begins soon Sign up for our Capital Dispatch newsletter If they want to pass a bill that's progressive, that's going to benefit all Canadians they have to work with New Democrats. Given the minority scenario Trudeau finds himself in, he will require support from opposition parties to move forward on key legislation. While Singh suggested the NDP and the Conservatives are Trudeau's likely option to seek support, the Bloc Quebecois now hold third-party status and the leverage that comes with. Mr. Singh said Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Fran ois Blanchet has made it known that he will only work to advance policies that benefit Quebec, not the entire country. ( As reported in the news.