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Alberta: Party Leader and Member Caucus

alberta: Blanchet said that the more he hears about provincial leaders such as Alberta Premier Jason Kenney suggesting his province and others pay for the way of Quebecers, the more firm his response becomes, according to CTV. I don't know of any cheques signed by the Prime Minister of Alberta to the Government of Quebec. The separatist party leader met with his 32-member caucus many of whom are new to the Parliamentary precinct on Wednesday for the first time since the election. That just doesn't exist, said Blanchet. Earlier in the day, after a sit-down meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about party priorities and finding common ground on issues such as climate change, Blanchet said he wouldn't support western provinces in their separatist pursuits so long as they continue to promote the oil and gas sector. As far as I'm concerned, he owns oil and he can do whatever he wants with it. ( As reported in the news.