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Job Training: Skills Improvement and Mandarin Language

job training: Manner education is mandatory, but vocational skills improvement is offered only after a year in the camps, according to CTV. Voluntary job training is the reason the Chinese government has given for detaining more than a million ethnic minorities, most of them Muslims. Uighurs and other minorities held inside are scored on how well they speak the dominant Mandarin language and follow strict rules on everything down to bathing and using the toilet, scores that determine if they can leave. But a classified blueprint leaked to a consortium of news organizations shows the camps are instead precisely what former detainees have described Forced ideological and behavioural re-education centres run in secret. The papers also show how Beijing is pioneering a new form of social control using data and artificial intelligence. The classified documents lay out the Chinese government's deliberate strategy to lock up ethnic minorities even before they commit a crime, to rewire their thoughts and the language they speak. ( As reported in the news.