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European Countries: War and Force Becuase

european countries: Certainly that was a project the right wing benefited from but the reason many European countries gave up a degree of independence from each other is they saw the vice that the cold war presented, according to Rabble. They heard the US muse about limited nucelar war and believed that if they were not powerful enough, unified enough, the cold war would be fought, perhaps even as a hot war, on their territory. We are independently able to choose which of the two powers will beat us up.I know this question lies at the heart of the Brexit debate becuase it is one of the reasons the European project got off the ground. Both France and the UK developed nukes in part to have an independent force becuase they never trusted their ally, the US. Today the UK is trying to decide which of the two evils on the table they should take remaining in the EU, without a chance to get out or even renegotiate for a generation or to leave and become potentially a colony of the US without any bargaining power. They have no idea what they are contemplating. In the middle of this debate you have people in the UK talking about a NAFTA style deal. ( As reported in the news.