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Focus: Middle Class and Way Canadians

focus: Watch as Prime Minister Trudeau's new and expanded cabinet is announced I'm very excited today to be able to get down to work the way Canadians asked us to in this last election, according to CTV. To pull together the country, focus on issues of economic growth for the middle class, to fight climate change, and to keep Canadians and their communities safe. With additional emphasis on middle class and regional prosperity and a new approach to representation, a dozen current ministers are taking on new portfolios and seven rookies are now in cabinet, two of whom were elected for the first time in 2019. That is our focus, and this is the team to do that, Trudeau said during a post-ceremony media availability. The majority of the 37-member cabinet are MPs from Ontario and Quebec, four from British Columbia, one from Manitoba, and one from each of the Atlantic provinces. Who's who Complete list of Justin Trudeau's Liberal cabinet Trudeau has reshaped the lineup of ministries, with several new titles, and consolidations of some cabinet responsibilities. ( As reported in the news.