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Depression Boehner: standoff.adon Sept and Ukrainian Officials

depression boehner: He left behind the largest House GOP majority since the Great Depression, according to Rabble. Boehner, who turned 70 Sunday, returned on Tuesday to a very different Capitol, one that had transformed from the heated partisan battles during his nearly five years as speaker into a complete cauldron caught in a constitutional standoff.ADOn Sept. 24, 2019 exactly four years after the pope gave Boehner a blessing in private House Speaker Nancy Pelosi D-Calif. stood solemnly before the cameras outside her office to announce the beginning of an official impeachment inquiry against President Trump over his pressure to compel Ukrainian officials to investigate his domestic rivals.ADThe man who publicly announced his retirement by singing Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah walked into a Capitol enmeshed in trench warfare, both sides digging in for a protracted constitutional showdown that will last well into the winter. Sitting behind the pope, wiping away tears, John A. Boehner R-Ohio had his moment of clarity He would resign as House speaker, announcing it to his colleagues the next morning. Officially there to unveil a portrait that will hang in a venerated room just off the House floor, Boehner brought with him one last bid to get his former colleagues to embrace a style that charmed friends and enemies alike. I'd like to think we were able to disagree without being disagreeable, Boehner told several hundred well-wishers inside Statuary Hall. He remains an eternal optimist who views the world as a glass half full usually with red wine in one hand, a Camel cigarette in the other, handkerchief stuffed into his coat pocket to wipe away his ever-flowing tears.AD It doesn't cost anything to be nice. ( As reported in the news.