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Venue Owner: Noise and Show Organizers

venue owner: You can read the whole bylaw document here, according to NOW Magazine. Perhaps the most significant change is that the former category of unreasonable and persistent noise, is no longer the overarching catch-all that it used to be. The changes officially came into effect on October 1, and it should come as a sigh of relief to the city's music community especially venue owners and show organizers who have been the targets of frustrating noise complaints even when doing things by the letter of the law. General noise used to supersede all else in the bylaw, meaning that even if a venue owner or festival manager made amplified sound within allowed sound thresholds, a noise complaint could still be lodged against them. Record store and punk venue Faith/Void, for instance, closed earlier this year after receiving such a noise complaint. That was the bane of many music venues in the city. ( As reported in the news.