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News Sign: American Foundations and Jason Kenney

news sign: Now that it's official Alberta government policy, however, things are about to get a lot trickier, according to National Observer. Don't miss out on the latest news Sign up for our daily briefing The foreign funding conspiracy theory is a house of sand, where every pillar crumbles to the touch. Underdogs are popular, and suspicion of foreign plotting is a guaranteed box office winner. At its core, this theory, which Jason Kenney has adopted as the Alberta government's, is that the province has been targeted by a cabal of American foundations led by the Rockefellers in a deliberate campaign of economic sabotage. Unscrupulous governments are employing it around the world to discredit, silence and intimidate environmental dissent, and ultimately to choke off resources to activist groups. By directing money and influence to an anti-pipeline movement called the Tar Sands Campaign, these foundations seek to advance American energy interests by landlocking Canadian oil. ; As I wrote earlier in September, the sham outrage over foreign money is just a cynical ruse. ( As reported in the news.