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Parties: Steven Guilbeault and Petroleum Producers

parties: The Conservatives, campaigning as pimps for Canada's Petroleum Producers, were held to 34 per cent of the popular vote, according to National Observer. In the world of realpolitik, the final result was probably the best available outcome the Liberals will govern by keeping the support of parties that want even more ambition. Seventy per cent of Canadians voted for parties pledging to up Canada's fight for a safe future. The climate action caucus within the Liberal party is significantly stronger, now including the formidable founder of Equiterre, Steven Guilbeault. It is definitely not yet a politics proportionate to the crisis but that was always going to be the job of civil society the politicians will fall in line as we amp up the pressure from the public square. We now have something like the current situation in British Columbia where a climate-forward NDP is being pushed by the BC Greens. ( As reported in the news.