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Majority Vote: Party and Ndp

majority vote: In exchange for support on this, the NDP may hope to drive through their hoped-for policy to reintroduce 30-year amortization periods on insured mortgages for first-time buyers, according to Vancouver Courier. But, as this was also a Conservative Party promise, and a move that the Liberal Party previously dismissed, the Liberals may well push back on that. It seems most likely that the federal Liberal Party will turn to the NDP for support, given that their values align most closely it's also what most Canadians want, according to exit polls . Most crucially, the Liberals' 157 seats plus the NDP's 24 seats totals 181 votes, which is above the 170 needed for a majority vote to pass legislation and means the Liberals don't have to rely on working with any other party.article continues below Trending StoriesA giant full beaver moon set to dazzle Metro Vancouver skies South Granville businesses are leaving en masse and scores of jobs hang in the balance Vancouver's defensive architecture' is hostile to homeless, say critics These are the three types of proportional representation B.C. is housing promises on election trail come home to roost These are the housing-related promises from the three major parties this election So, assuming that we see an NDP-supported Liberal minority government leading the country, what can we expect from the housing- and real-estate-related promises made during the two parties' election campaigns With the Liberals in charge mostly one of the first orders of business is likely to be their promised increase in the qualifying purchase price for the recently launched First-Time Home Buyer Incentive FTHBI to nearly 800,000 in expensive areas such as Vancouver and Toronto. Considering that the increase in the FTHBI purchase price will be a major financial boost to many young Canadians, it may also be deemed unnecessary. However, the two parties align, at least partially, in two key sections of the housing file. The NDP may instead choose to push for their modest promise to double the Home Buyers' Tax Credit to 1,500. ( As reported in the news.