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Parc-Extension Neighbourhood: Subway Station and Government Employees

parc-extension neighbourhood: As the crowd huddled under the awning outside the entrance to a subway station ahead of the march, community leaders representing diverse interests highlighted what they described as the bill's discriminatory aspects, according to CTV. Ichrak Nourel Hak, a teaching student who wears a hijab, said the law has emboldened those who are racist and caused an increase in Islamophobic incidents. As a cold rain fell, dozens gathered in Montreal's Parc-Extension neighbourhood on Sunday to march against the law and systemic racism. The legislation, which passed earlier this year and bars some government employees from wearing religious symbols while on the job, would prevent her from getting a job teaching in a Quebec public school after graduation. In 2019, we are harassed and discriminated against because we don't have Quebecois traits, because we have names that are unpronounceable for some, or because we have a skin colour or physical traits that are different than the majority. With this law, the government opened Pandora's Box and gave Islamophobes the liberty to spit on an entire religious community, she said. ( As reported in the news.