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Business Activities: Oil and Companies

business activities: The article also notes CNE Oil and Gas as a qualified bidder, according to Rabble. Let's look more closely at those Canadian companies as a starting point. What can we glean from mainstream media reports about Canadian corporations involved in the oil and gas sector in Colombia What can we further discern about the companies that may have some involvement with the fracking pilot projects expected to start soon in that country Additionally, what impact might their business activities have on human rights, the environment and the peace process in Colombia Reuters has reported that seven companies have put in bids for 11 oil exploration contracts in Colombia, including Frontera Energy, Parex Resources, and Gran Tierra Energy. Toronto-based Frontera Energy As Frontera's website notes, Frontera Energy Corporation is a Canadian public company and a leading explorer and producer of crude oil and natural gas, with operations focused in Latin America. The chief executive of pipeline company Oleoducto de Colombia said in August that the company is ready to move increased crude output from the center of Colombia to the Caribbean if the use of fracking is approved in the Andean country, as Reuters reports The article adds that the 483 km 300 miles long pipeline can transport up to 236,000 barrels per day and runs through the Magdalena Medio region, home to geological formations estimated to contain between two and seven billion barrels of crude. The website confirms that Frontera operates in Colombia. ( As reported in the news.