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News Sign: Climate Change and Sea Levels

news sign: It notes the greenhouse effect may lead to severe climatic changes that could include floods, drought and rising sea levels, and it calls on countries to develop strategies for adapting to climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, according to National Observer. Don't miss out on the latest news Sign up for our daily briefing Thirty years later, the secretary general of the Commonwealth says she believes the world is finally paying attention to climate change in a serious way and not a moment too soon. The Langkawi Declaration, signed in Malaysia in October 1989, warns about the degradation of the environment from the burning of fossil fuels and other forms of pollution. I believe that we need to encourage every single country, and every single individual every single one of us to take personal, regional and national responsibility for the climate crisis that is now facing us, Patricia Scotland said in an Oct. 17 phone interview with National Observer. But I know we will not beat it if we do it on our own. ; Scotland has seen destruction up close. Together, I genuinely feel that we will beat this. ( As reported in the news.