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Name Streets: Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar

name streets: Though he claims to be a religious reformer and speaks out against Islamic extremism, he also spreads Islamophobic conspiracy theories about the U.S.'s first two Muslim women in Congress, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, claiming that they have brought a terrorist agenda to Washington, D.C. He has also claimed without evidence that Muslim extremists are conspiring to create a country within Australia and name streets after terrorist murderers, according to National Observer. Don't miss out on the latest news Sign up for our daily briefing Those views have made Tawhidi a beloved figure in far-right circles, The Intercept reported earlier this year. Mohammad Tawhidi is an Australian who identifies himself as the imam of peace, a title that has been disputed as he isn't affiliated with a mosque, doesn't seem to have many Muslim followers and doesn't have credentials he's claimed to hold. And over the past two years, Tawhidi also met several Canadian Conservative party senators and MPs, both officially and unofficially, even attending the wedding of one MP, according to social media postings. No individual who foments hatred by peddling in lies and stereotypes against minority communities should be given a platform, let alone be provided one by Canadian senators. It is well-established that this individual is not a religious scholar, but a charlatan, Amira Elghawaby of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network said. ( As reported in the news.