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Minority Dynamics: Trudeau and David Morrison

minority dynamics: Seeking advice from these two women, who respectively have ties to Alberta and Quebec, is likely one way to address the regional divides that the Liberal government will have to contend with as it looksto govern for all Canadians, as Trudeau has said, according to CTV. The transition team is being anchored by Trudeau's chief of staff Katie Telford, and includes David Morrison, an adviser on foreign affairs. While the transition won't be as intense as it would have been if a new party was forming government, Trudeau will still have to weigh decisions like cabinet appointments and titles, and how to navigate the new minority dynamics that have seen the Liberals shut out of Alberta and Saskatchewan, whilehaving to contend with a reinvigorated Bloc Quebecois. Sign up for our Capital Dispatch newsletter for regular rundowns on what's happening on the Hill McLellan, who has experience in minority parliaments, has been called on by the Liberals a few times in the last four years, first as chair of the federal marijuana legalization task force, and then was named as a special adviser to examine some of the machinery of government issues that factored into SNC-Lavalin controversy, including the possibility of splitting up the justice minister and attorney general roles. A transition now though is important, because the circumstances of the two governments have changed so tremendously, said Peter Donolo, former communications director to Liberal prime minister Jean Chretien. Hudon was appointed to the top diplomatic posting in France in 2017, and prior to that was the executive chair of Sun Life Financial Quebec and has also been president and chief executive officer of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal. ( As reported in the news.