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Campaign Trail: Vancouver and Rehearsal Spaces

campaign trail: The document lays out recommendations the council argues will improve Canada's position.article continues below Trending Stories One of Vancouver's largest rehearsal spaces shuts down unexpectedly Vancouver's Smilin' Buddha Cabaret announces sudden end to live shows One of Vancouver's oldest rehearsal spaces has closed for good Appeal denied in case of former Vancouver police officer convicted of sexual exploitation On the campaign trail and in the platforms of your parties, these issues received little or no attention, according to Vancouver Courier. They cannot and must not be ignored any longer, the report said in a message to political leaders. The Business Council of Canada, a lobby group representing chief executives of the largest corporations, has released a report underlining its concerns around obstacles like the aging population, sluggish productivity and global economic threats. As leaders, you now have a choice. Or you can recognize that the world is changing and changing fast. Between now and the next campaign, you can devote your energies to the struggle for short-term tactic advantage. ( As reported in the news.