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Legislation: British Version and Scott Fraser

legislation: This is about recognizing human rights applied to Indigenous Peoples and it's something that governments of all stripes have not done before, despite the fact it's in the Constitution of Canada, Scott Fraser, the province's minister of Indigenous relations and reconciliation, said Wednesday, according to CTV. He said the legislation is British Columbia's version of a federal bill that died on the Senate order paper when Parliament adjourned for Monday's election. The legislation is expected to be introduced on Thursday and is bound to raise questions about the potential impact on the way the province is governed, but Indigenous leaders, academics and members of B.C.'s New Democrat government say it will ensure Indigenous Peoples are full participants in all aspects of the province. The declaration was adopted by the General Assembly of the UN in 2007 after 20 years of debate, although Canada was originally one of four countries that voted against it. The NDP has made reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and the implementation of the declaration a top priority since it formed a government in 2017. Among other things, the declaration says Indigenous Peoples have the right to self-determination, which means they can determine their political status and pursue economic, social and cultural development. ( As reported in the news.