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Greens Return: Unlivable World and News Sign

greens return: The Greens return with three MPs, fewer than many anticipated after promising signs of support from voters early in the campaign, according to National Observer. Don't miss out on the latest news Sign up for our daily briefing Still, May said in an interview Wednesday she sees opportunity for consensus with the Liberals and New Democrats on key issues. May has spoken with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau since Monday's election and expects to have an ongoing dialogue with federal leaders before Parliament resumes. The Liberals will have incentive to prove they're accomplishing things in a minority Parliament if they want to remain in power, May said. If we're going to avoid an unlivable world, we have months, not years, to fix this, she said. She will try to leverage that reality to make gains on addressing the climate crisis. ; May wants Canada to seriously curb greenhouse-gas emissions by agreeing to aggressive new targets at the global Conference of Parties meeting in Chile in December. ( As reported in the news.