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Leader: Election and Singh

leader: Sign up for our Election Dispatch newsletter for a daily campaign update His response was a question to those Canadians How many times in your life have you done something because you're afraid and got a good result out of it And how many times have you taken the courage to take a chance on something that was good for you, and you did it and your life became better said Singh in Toronto, according to CTV. It's the same thing in this election. Singh was asked what he'd say to voters who may be contemplating voting strategically, given that the polls are consistently showing Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer in a tight race to win the most seats. If you make a choice out of fear we're going to get cynical results, but if you choose something that you believe in with your heart, you dream big, that's how you get big results. View on the ground Students react to Singh visiting Ryerson campus. We're not going to get amazing changes by settling for less. ( As reported in the news.