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I Tweeted: Battiste and Time

i tweeted: I want to start off with the elephant in the room and apologize, said Battiste, who is running for the Liberals in the riding of Sydney-Victoria, That's how Battiste started off a climate change debate at Cape Breton University, according to CTV. I take full responsibility for what I said and what I tweeted those years ago, Battiste said. It's the first time Jaime Battiste is reacting publicly to the social media posts he made years ago. They were done during a time of heartbreak and depression and that's not a good time to use humour. Those comments were called disgusting and inexcusable by the Conservative Party's Lisa Raitt. In 2012, Battiste tweeted Why do I assume every skinny Aboriginal girl is on crystal meth or pills In another, he made light of sexual assault, tweeting five minutes in Cheers and I would accidently sexually assault a cougar twice. ( As reported in the news.