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Jean Yip: Campaign Manager and Yip

jean yip: One of the posts, detailing the Liberals' promise to ban all military-style assault rifles, clearly notes that the ad is authorized by the official agent for Jean Yip, a Liberal candidate in Toronto's Scarborough Agincourt riding, according to CTV. Yip's campaign manager confirmed that they were responsible for sharing the gun reform ad on WeChat with an important caveat -- the ad was not paid for. 50 per cent of our constituents use this platform as a form of communication, Elizabeth Betowski, Yip's campaign manager, told by phone Tuesday. CTV News obtained screenshots of what appear to be two political ads pushed to users on the social media app, both discussing the Liberal gun reform platform. This wasn't a paid advertisement, but it was posted to several groups. This requirement applies to any English-language platform that has at least three million unique visitors, or 100,000 unique visitors if the site's content is a language other than English or French. Changes to election advertising rules passed under Bill C-76 requires social media platforms to create a registry of all digital ads published and paid for by third parties and political parties, including ads paid for by nominated and prospective candidates. ( As reported in the news.