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Canadian Side: Border Patrol and Connors Family

canadian side: They said the four adults and three children, one of them an infant, were treated like criminals while held in custody over the past two weeks, according to CTV. They were deported on Wednesday, as video obtained by CTV News purportedly sheds light on their movements the night they were detained. Members of the extended Connors family said they took a detour onto an unmarked road to avoid an animal and found themselves in Washington state on Oct. 2. The grainy black-and-white surveillance video, which came from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, shows a van slowly crossing a shallow ditch from the Canadian side of the border to the U.S. side at night, a process which takes several seconds. Officials also said two of the adults in the family had been refused entry to the United States last year, though they didn't elaborate on why. Border officials allege it was the Connors family's vehicle, and that officers found 16,000 and less than three grams of cannabis inside. ( As reported in the news.