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Issues: Marty Lancaster and Science Teacher

issues: He later told National Observer he believes that after this election, maybe we can have a conversation about systemic racism and all the issues related to it, according to National Observer. It's frustrating that the press are trying to make this a story, he said. In an apology posted to Facebook on Tuesday, Marty Lancaster, a 47-year-old physics and environmental science teacher at Bear Creek Secondary School, said the costume was a mistake he deeply regrets and he's committed to educating himself on the issue. That's your choice to decide whether this is going to be a story or if this is going to be a small thing and you can move on and focus on more important issues. The issue took centre stage last month after shocking photos and video emerged showing the sitting prime minister in brownface and blackface. Race has been a powerful undercurrent in the leadup to and throughout the 2019 federal election campaign, which is witnessing the first racialized candidate for prime minister and a breakaway Conservative politician who founded a new party that taps into anti-immigrant sentiment. ( As reported in the news.