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Al-Rawi: Re-Tweeting Accounts and News Content

al-rawi: SFU public communication professor Ahmed Al-Rawi is one of many academics across the country scrutinizing online activity for signs of foreign or domestic interference; he hasn't found any, according to CTV. I've downloaded over a million tweets and analyzed the canpoli' hashtag and I could not find any large activity of bots automated re-tweeting accounts said Al-Rawi, who is continuing to assess those tweets throughout the campaign. Analysis from Twitter, Facebook and academics suggests that malicious, manufactured and fake news content is not as widespread as in previous years, largely due to efforts to zero in on and remove that kind of material as quickly as possible. He believes it's a combination of public awareness and reluctance to share questionable content that is keeping it from growing, in addition to the work of social media companies clamping down. The company says the kind of activity seen in the United States' 2016 presidential election is non-existent in Canada's elections at this point. Al-Rawi's research backs up assessments from Twitter, which has invested in anti-bot and anti-manipulation techniques. ( As reported in the news.