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Eisenhower Theater: Concert Revival and Pop Hits

eisenhower theater: Still, over the 2 hours it burns up in the Eisenhower Theater, the musical reveals only that it is dispiritingly flat-footed, according to Rabble. Aside from the inclusion of a few pop hits from the 1984 date-night flick on which it is based, Footloose, choreographed by Spencer Liff and directed by Walter Bobbie, who also staged the original production, comes across as singularly undistinguished. Well, one would have to posit that this was not the intention in the arts center's affectionately energetic concert revival of a 1998 show that ran for a year and a half on Broadway and garnered zero Tony awards. Not offensive, not intolerable, just relentlessly bland a vanilla concoction lacking anything approaching a bona fide sugar high. Each season, the program revives three musicals of various pedigrees and ages, the organizing principle being simply a roster of shows with some strong whiff of showbiz merit, or better, and the ability to strike a positive popular chord.ADADHow the Kennedy Center's theater chief sniffs out Broadway-worthy winners The previous seasons have offered some inspired restagings, such as the sizzling The Who's Tommy that director-choreographer Josh Rhodes conjured earlier this year. The production launches the third installment of the Kennedy Center's Broadway Center Stage series, and it's the first real misfire. ( As reported in the news.