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Cuts Sign: Climate Change and Andrew Scheer

cuts sign: Today, the party offered up details on how it would return the federal budget to balance by 2024-25 by spending less than what it would amass in revenue and savings through cuts, according to CTV. Sign up for our Election Dispatch newsletter for a daily campaign update The platform titled Andrew Scheer's Plan For You To Get Ahead spans 103 pages and includes chapters on jobs, climate change, and a wide spanning section called more help at home that outlines the Conservatives' plan for ethics, immigration, firearms, health, privacy, veterans and more. Over the course of the campaign which is now nearing the finish line the Conservatives have rolled out a series of promises, many being new affordability-focused tax cuts and credits. The package comes the day after the final leaders' debate of the campaign, and with 10 days to go until all ballots are cast. While already announced, the Conservatives say they are committed to balancing the budget in five years. It combines already-unveiled commitments made by Scheer over the course of the election, as well as offering up new information on the party's position going forward on other topics. ( As reported in the news.