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Show Support: Neurotoxin Methylmercury and Ndp Leader

show support: This poison will bioaccumulate in ever-growing amounts in the traditional country food web of the Inuit and Innu, according to Rabble. Throughout the past two months, hundreds have been writing and calling the office of the NDP leader, urging him to speak out, show support and help bring national attention to this crime. There was a special urgency to this because, since August 7, the waters have been rising in the Muskrat Falls reservoir, drowning a forest and, consequently, kicking off a process of decomposition that will produce the dangerous neurotoxin methylmercury. But in the end, the NDP's commitment to honouring Indigenous rights -- vague and Trudeau-like as it sounds -- was not enough for party officials to grant a meeting with those whose sickening choice is to face hunger or eat a poisoned food supply that will subject them to Minamata disease, the mercury poisoning affliction killing the people of Grassy Narrows. Labrador land protectors had hoped that, following calls from both the United Nations and the Indigenous Nunatsiavut government, Singh would join in the growing chorus of those opposed to the environmental racism of Muskrat Falls, where Indigenous lives are treated as expendable in the name of so-called green energy. Muskrat Falls represents one of the largest federal investments -- 9.2 billion -- in any major energy project, and yet it has never achieved the high profile of other megaprojects like the tar sands Trans Mountain pipeline. ( As reported in the news.