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Assad: Ramli and War

assad: Assad's regime has been accused of war crimes, including the slaughter of children and using chemical weapons on his own people in Syria's civil war, according to CTV. A report published in Maclean's quoted Ramli as saying that a volunteer group of rescue workers operating in Syria's war zone, the White Helmets, are a terrorist organization who support al-Qaeda. Montreal businessman Waseem Ramli's support for Assad is no surprise to anyone who has seen his car -- Ramli drives around in a Humvee with Assad's face and the country's flag emblazoned on it. Ramli told CTV News over the phone that he has not seen any wrongdoing from my president towards the country. Syrian troops captured and tortured the perpetrators, including teenagers. The beginnings of the Syrian civil war can be tracked back to 2011, when a group of students spray-painted an anti-government remark on the side of their school. ( As reported in the news.