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Waterloo Graduate: Post Millennial and Research Project

waterloo graduate: The dictionary's publisher, Oxford University Press, said in an email that it has no record of Dzsurdzsa working for the company, but that he appears to have worked on an unaffiliated research project examining the text, according to National Observer. But that short biography leaves out a few steps. According to the About Us page on The Post Millennial's website, the University of Waterloo graduate used to be a researcher on The Oxford English Dictionary. Before Dzsurdzsa was hired at the Post Millennial, he also worked for websites that promoted racism and peddled pro-Kremlin content. It did the same for Faith Goldy, who praised white nationalists at the deadly Charlottesville neo-Nazi protest, said a neo-Nazi slogan on a podcast for the neo-Nazi site the Daily Stormer and added that she doesn't see that as controversial, advocated to return Canada to a population that is 96 per cent Euro Canadian and said she wants launch the next Crusade to reclaim Bethlehem. While he was a creative director and correspondent at Free Bird Media, the blog promoted Richard Spencer, who has been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center in the U.S. as a professional racist and white supremacist. ( As reported in the news.