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Protest Movement: Canadian Interests and Canadian Citizens

protest movement: The prime minister added his government has been working tirelessly to secure the release of two Canadians detained in China, according to National Observer. As a global community, we must recognize that China is a growing power and increasingly assertive towards its place in the international order, Trudeau told the audience at the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations event. The federal government is closely monitoring the protest movement in Hong Kong, where there are 300,000 Canadian citizens, Trudeau said in a speech in Montreal. But make no mistake We will always defend Canadians and Canadian interests. We do not escalate, but we do not back down, he said. ; Trudeau's speech came a day after Geng Shuang, a spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry, told reporters Canada needs to stop its wrongdoing before it's too late. The prime minister said Canada will continue to engage in dialogue with the Asian power, but it won't stop standing up for fundamental freedoms, including the right to peaceful assembly. ( As reported in the news.