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Wally Schumann: Construction Materials and Stanley Anablak

wally schumann: This will change the economy of Canada, Wally Schumann, the N.W.T.'s minister of industry, tourism and investment, said Thursday.A direct, all-weather connection to southern Canada's highways Nunavut's first would allow everything from fresh vegetables to construction materials to be shipped more cheaply and easily by trucks, according to National Observer. It's very important for our region, said Stanley Anablak, head of the Kitikmeot Inuit Association, which has been lobbying for the port and northern road for years. Transport Minister Marc Garneau pledged more than 50 million to cover preliminary studies and planning for an all-weather road from Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories to a deep-water port on Nunavut's central Arctic coast. Anablak said many of the supplies his Nunavut communities need, including groceries, are flown in, which results in higher bills. As climate change erodes the usefulness of ice roads, the new link would open what's known as the Slave Geological Province, one of the most mineral-rich parts of the country. Others are shipped from ports thousands of kilometres away on barges that arrive once a year. ; Once we get the road built, we're hopeful that it will bring the costs down significantly for our communities. ( As reported in the news.