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Canadians: Multiculturalism Act and Mississauga

canadians: But the same divisive and discriminatory politics that turned Quebec's infamous Bill 21 into law last month are now springing up in Mississauga, Canada's sixth-largest city.I was born in Mississauga, where our public education, much like curriculum across the country, has raised whole generations on the welcoming and inclusive understanding that public spaces should not erase diversity to be made neutral, according to National Observer. I grew up with Canadians of all strides, rightly believing that the removal of diverse expressions, identities and cultures fosters discrimination and exclusion. For decades, since the Multiculturalism Act of 1988, Canadians have put forth societal ideals that celebrate religious and cultural differences while making room for everyone. As a community leader and religious studies researcher, I have spent years promoting the fact that we all benefit in cultural and religious literacy and in deeper social cohesion from having the richness of Canada's many traditions present in public spaces. So why is he supporting an Ontario candidate who seems to uphold the banning of some religious symbols in public It seems, however, that in Eastern Canada, such values are increasingly under threat. Andrew Scheer said he would never support a bill that banned religious symbols at the federal level if he were prime minister. ( As reported in the news.