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Space Research: European Colony and Guajar Bay

space research: On Saturday, she pointed to what looked like an island on the opposite side of the scenic bay that hugs this sprawling city, where, over 400 years ago, the Portuguese founded the first European colony in the Amazon, according to National Observer. See there asked Figueiredo, 40. From the open-air kiosk where Figueiredo has been selling fried fish with a a for two decades, she watched Friday as black smoke billowed over Guajar Bay. Darker smoke started to come out, like an erupting volcano. Brazil's National Institute for Space Research released new satellite data showing an 82% increase in fires over the same period a year earlier. But as fires raged across Par the second-largest state in Brazil's densely forested north, a haze of distrust set in, fueled by President Jair Bolsonaro's bombastic effort to deflect attention from his far-right administration's role in a crisis gripping the world. ; Apocalyptic images of S o Paulo, the Western Hemisphere's largest metropolis, enshrouded in black smoke last week prompted global outcry over deforestation amid mounting fears over the rapidly worsening climate crisis. ( As reported in the news.