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Digitally-Integrated Campaign: Campaign and Transit Bus

digitally-integrated campaign: The party says the ads, which begin airing on television this week, will be part of a comprehensive and digitally-integrated campaign that also includes featured stories from Canadians, according to CTV. One shows a smiling Trudeau engaging with constituents in his working class Montreal riding of Papineau and delivering his campaign message while riding a transit bus. Sign up for our Election Dispatch newsletter for a daily update on the campaign, once the federal election is underway A release from the party says Choose Forward is the official campaign theme that will be stamped on a series of national ads featuring Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He talks about things he says the Liberals have done to help average Canadians, such as cutting taxes for the middle class, creating the Canada Child Benefit and their climate change plan -- and he fires a broadside at Andrew Sheer's Conservatives, whom he accuses of trying to block such initiatives. That's become the main theme of the Liberal camp, and it's a refrain Canadians will no doubt hear repeated countless times during the coming campaign. The Conservatives like to say they're for the people but then they cut taxes for the wealthy and cut services for everybody else, Trudeau says. ( As reported in the news.