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Music Scene: Music and Sports Fan

music scene: We always believe in our teams, whether they're World Series-bound in '95 or succumbing to the Rockets in yet another losing season in 2018, according to Rabble. No matter what time of year it is, there's almost always a team to root for. If you're a longtime resident and/or sports fan of the Georgia capital, you're probably accustomed to your teams losing except United Unite and Conquer! . But Atlantans aren't complacent. The same could be said of our music scene. It's no secret Atlanta is one of the best music cities in the country. Wander out on any given night, and you're bound to find live music somewhere, be it a touring folk act at Eddie's Attic, a hip new indie band in East Atlanta or an old favorite at Variety Playhouse. ( As reported in the news.