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Gun Violence: Gun Users

gun violence: He blamed mental illness and video games but made no mention of more limits on the firearms that can be sold, according to CTV. Trump said he wanted legislation providing strong background checks for gun users, though he has reneged on previous promises along that line after mass attacks. Trump, back at the White House on Monday after remaining largely out of view for two days at his New Jersey golf club, declared the shootings in Texas and Ohio barbaric crimes against all humanity and called for unity to respond to an epidemic of gun violence. He seemed to abandon his latest idea of linking gun control legislation to immigration policy just a few hours after proposing it. His scripted remarks included a solitary denunciation of white supremacy, which he has been reluctant to criticize, and he made no mention of the anti-immigration rhetoric found in an online screed posted just before the El Paso attack that mirrored his own incendiary language. We vow to act with urgent resolve, Trump said as the death toll from the shootings in El Paso and Dayton reached 31 late Monday. ( As reported in the news.