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Mass Immigration: Name and Advertising

mass immigration: Though it has been around since 2016, it has no known social media accounts an anomaly for modern advertising firms and was not even registered under its current name until July 2019, according to National Observer. According to government records, a third-party advertiser registered as a federal corporation in June 2016 under the name eExc Corporation. True North Strong & Free Advertising is a mysterious company with very little public record until now. It underwent a name change to become True North Strong & Free Advertising on July 4 of this year. The billboards, which appeared in numerous Canadian cities, featured a photo of PPC Leader Maxime Bernier alongside the word VOTE and a message telling voters to Say NO to mass immigration. The company funded a series of anti-immigrant billboards promoting the People's Party of Canada PPC . The billboards have been taken down following intense public criticism. ( As reported in the news.