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Advertising Corp: Ads and Mass Immigration

advertising corp: They were criticized nearly immediately as promoting anti-immigrant rhetoric, according to CTV. Petitions have since sprung up calling on billboard owners Pattison Outdoor Advertising to take the ads down, arguing that they violate the company's own code of conduct. The ads, featuring a photo of party leader Maxime Bernier, the slogan Say NO to mass immigration and a call to vote for his party, started popping up across the country late last week. The company released two statements on Sunday, the first of which said that people who have a problem with the ads should take it up with the advertiser, True North Strong & Free Advertising Corp. We take a neutral position on ads that comply with the ASC code as we believe Canadians do not want us to be the judge or arbiter of what the public can or cannot see, the company said in a statement circulated on their social media accounts. The statement suggested they reviewed the ad content and it did not violate the Ad Standards of Canada ASC code or their own policies. ( As reported in the news.